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Only 10.8mm thick! Changhong ultra-thin 8K TV CHiQ-Q8K released: wall-mounted to wall-mounted

Date: 2021/02/03

Yesterday afternoon, Changhong held a 5G+8K spring new product launch conference in Chengdu, bringing the CHiQ-Q8K TV, known as the "new ultra-thin 8K species", with a 65-inch price of 14,997 yuan.

The design of CHiQ-Q8K has achieved a leap-forward upgrade from 30mm to 10.8mm in the thickness of an 8K TV of the same size. At the same time, combined with the slim and invisible wall-mounted body, unnecessary elements on the TV body are also deleted.

The ingenious design in appearance, through the collocation of borderless + all metal + rhombus mirror base, makes CHiQ-Q8K full of sense of technology and art no matter which direction it is viewed from.

In terms of performance, it adopts 12nm process technology, with AI core chip + full 4 cores, equipped with 5G+32G large storage space, supports 60Hz 8K lossless resolution image quality output, and adds 4K 120Hz motion image stabilization to achieve high-definition image quality Stable presentation.

It also supports Dolby Vision, which brings incredible brightness, contrast, color and detail to achieve a lifelike entertainment experience; comprehensively enhances the contrast and brightness of the 8K picture, and matches the 8K AI picture quality to make the picture level clearer, dark part clearer.


In addition to Q8K, Changhong 86Q8KM TV was also released, and the price is not yet known. As a MiniLED 8K TV, it uses 1728 partition MiniLED backlight, with 1 million dynamic contrast, 100% NTSC quantum dot high color gamut, and 1000nit peak brightness, allowing consumers to watch more delicate pictures and richer details.

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