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Adopting a new design concept, Kia released the first exclusive electric car EV6

Date: 2021/23/03

The first batch of appearance, interior design pictures and design concept of Kia Today's first exclusive electric model EV6, EV6 is expected to be launched in the world at the end of March.

EV6 adopts Kia's new design concept of "Unification of Opposites". The core of the design concept is to use keen style and angular shape to create new visual features. The new car is based on E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), a dedicated platform for electric vehicles of Hyundai Motor Group, and features cross-border vehicle design. The EV6 is the first exclusive model created by Kia under the guidance of the new design concept. Electric vehicles marked the official start of Kia’s new electrification strategy.

Karim Habib, senior vice president of Kia and head of Kia’s global design center, said: “As Kia’s first exclusive electric model, the EV6 shows people-oriented, pioneering design and the general trend of electric trends. We firmly believe that EV6 will be unique. Attractiveness and styling lead the new trend of the electric vehicle market. When building the EV6, our goal is to combine perfect high-tech elements with pure and rich styling, and give it a futuristic atmosphere with a unique spacious space."

The "Unification of Opposites" design concept made its debut with the advent of the EV6, and will become the design blueprint for all Kia models in the future. The appearance design of EV6 strongly embodies the design spirit of "Power to Progress", marking the breakthrough of Kia's brand design strength.

The front face of EV6 is particularly eye-catching, and its daytime running lights show a neat and stylish modern feel. This is an important part of the Kia family's "tiger-style design", and also shows this continuous evolution and evolution. The "Tiger Nose Grille" grille design will be applied to the field of Kia electric vehicles. The uniqueness of EV6 car lights also includes a "progressive" light source design, creating a very dynamic light mode. The low air intake under the lights makes the front of the car more spacious, highlighting the high-tech image, and at the same time optimizes the front airflow, guiding the airflow through the flat floor of the car to achieve the best aerodynamic performance.

The side of the body shows a smart cross-border aesthetic design, which combines modern style, simplicity and fashion, and a sense of power derived from aerodynamics. The sharp contrast between clean lines and high-tech details makes the overall design more tense. The swept-back windshield highlights the dynamics of the mission, and the tight waist makes the vehicle more plump. The sideways marking line is bent upwards along the bottom of the door to connect to the rear wheel arch, making the body silhouette more slender.


The rear of the car uses an integrated bright black liner to highlight the slope of the rear C-pillar, which visually increases the width of the window glass. At the same time, there is a special taillight area. A prominent roof spoiler is also designed above the taillight to guide the airflow. The raised lower spoiler maximizes the aerodynamic performance.

Kia uses its exclusive E-GMP platform to create an unfettered interior design for the EV6, giving it a large space far beyond all Kia's previous electric vehicle products. The interior design of the EV6 is extremely creative in terms of space utilization, achieving a distinctive and spacious driving experience in the era of electric vehicles.

The integrated high-tech curved high-definition audiovisual and navigation (AVN) screen is one of the most eye-catching elements of the new interior design. Using simple design language, ultra-wide curved screen and ultra-long instrument panel, showing a bright sense of space. The one-piece curved screen spans the middle of the vehicle body from below the steering wheel, presenting the instrument panel in front of the driver's eyes, and the display above the center console is equipped with on-board entertainment and navigation information functions. The ultra-wide large screen brings an immersive experience to the driver, reducing the physical keys to the extreme, and the overall layout is simple and orderly, bringing a comfortable driving experience.

Below the AVN screen, there are HVAC touch keys, and the instrument panel below the panel tilts to the front, creating a spacious and bright space for the front passenger.

The modern slender seat is made of lightweight materials, and the finish is made of advanced and durable materials made of recyclable plastic. The appearance is exquisite, making the cabin more spacious and refined.

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