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Advantages of HDMI2.1 products

Date: 2021/24/09

The HDMI2.1 certification is open. When major manufacturers conduct certification, they are ready to occupy the HDMI2.1 market along with 8K. However, the HDMI2.1 certification adds an EMI test compared to the previous test. It can be seen that the standard requirements for HDMI are more stringent.

The development of HDMI continues to be optimized, and its processing technology is also optimized accordingly. In 2003, welding was a commonly used method of processing, but it had a high defect rate; then, riveting and IDC processing methods were used, which had short working hours and passed the tests of TV and DVD, but could not pass high-frequency tests such as TDR and NA. . At this time, HDMI will add a PCBA, or use the end of the terminal as a sector, and the welding pitch will reach 1.27 to 1.5, which reduces defective products, but requires higher wire bonding for employees. At present, the industry adopts actual TV measurement, so the performance requirements are reduced a lot.

When the HDMI2.1 certification was started, the market restarted the standards for TDR and NA testing to ensure performance. This is the EMI test added by HDMI2.1. These measures have slowed the pace of Type C's replacement of HDMI. After all, it has been common for many years, and everyone is looking forward to the results of HDMI optimization.

Main features of HDMI2.1:

1. More broadband

The broadband that HDMI2.1 can handle is increased to 48Gbps, while the broadband compression can be maximized to 128Gbps.

2. Support higher resolution and faster refresh rate

The increased broadband of HDMI2.1 enables TV manufacturers to release new devices with resolutions up to 10k (10420×4320).

3. High dynamic range HDR

HDMI2.1 high dynamic range allows content to be set based on the dynamic range of each scene or even each frame, which is similar to other HDR.

4. Enhanced audio return

Audio return is the HDMI standard, and enhanced audio return can truly ensure the forward-looking of the display and receiver.

5. Automatic low latency mode

This is a function designed for gamers, so it is also called an automatic game mode. If the TV supports automatic low-latency mode, the low-latency "gaming" mode of the TV will be automatically enabled when a game is detected. For example, the video automatically plays.

6. Fast media switching and screen transfer

Fast media switching is when a compatible signal source is connected to a compatible monitor and the format is switched, the monitor will no longer display a black screen, and switch between modes immediately without disturbing the black screen.

Fast picture transfer allows the picture to change the way the image is transferred from the source device to the movie. Images are transmitted at a higher rate to reduce delay.

The HDMI interface connector transmits digital TV audio-visual signals from DVD players, set-top boxes and other audio-visual sources to TVs, projectors and other video displays, etc.; suitable for HDMI interface equipment, plug-in resistance, oxidation resistance, and high transmission speed.

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