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USB Type-C 2.1 standard officially launched: power supply increased to 240W

Date: 2021/28/09

The USB Type-C interface and cable v2.1 version standard agreement finalized in May of this year, the USB-IF Association has officially signed and announced on the official website.

To put it simply, the biggest change in the v2.1 standard is that the original maximum 20V/5A power supply under the USB PD protocol is upgraded to 48V/5A, that is, 100W is upgraded to 240W.


For mobile phones, it may not be sensed temporarily, but this means that those products with violent power consumption can only display games. In the future, they can also be powered by the USB Type-C v2.1 interface and cable to provide power to the USB-C. Unification further clears away obstacles.

However, it should be noted that v2.1 is now an optional protocol and optional, and to achieve a full-load 240W power supply, it is necessary to support a specially enhanced EPR (Extended Power Range) cable instead of the current SPR (Standard power range) Wire.

It is conceivable that USB4 and USB Type-C v2.1 will become the main force in the interface transmission of electronic digital products in the future.

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