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Switching to a USB-C interface for mobile phones can’t be avoided: India is planning to push

Date: 2022/19/08

Switching to a USB-C interface for mobile phones cant be avoided: India is planning to push

In order to reduce the abuse of chargers, the EU has reached a consensus requiring manufacturers to use USB-C charging interfaces for mobile phones sold locally from 2024. The biggest impact of this move is Apple, which still insists on its proprietary Lightning port on iPhones, iPads, AirPods and other products.

According to reports, the Indian side has started high-level discussions on stopping the use of different interface chargers, with the purpose of reducing the burden on consumers and eliminating electronic waste.

One participant said that everyone is moving, and if India does not participate, then Apple's non-common interface devices may be dumped in India, which is an undesirable situation.

However, multiple sources show that the iPad 10, which will be released in October this year, will switch to the USB-C interface, which will make the entire iPad family farewell to Lightning. As for the iPhone and AirPods, it also plans to fully embrace USB-C starting from the new products in 2023, namely the iPhone 15, AirPods 4, etc.

In fact, USB-C not only realizes the unified interface, but also improves the charging and data transmission speed. Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


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