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India also wants to learn from the EU to unify charging port compulsively , but not necessarily USB-C

Date: 2022/29/08

India also wants to learn from the EU to  unify charging port compulsively , but not necessarily USB-C

At present, the number of mobile phones, tablets, and computers is increasing, but the charging/data interfaces are not unified. Even though the world is now moving closer to the USB-C interface, the existence of Apple makes this goal a bit complicated. Implementation, and now India also wants to learn the EU's strategy and unify the interface.

According to Indian media reports, Indian Consumer Affairs Minister Rohit Kumar Singh said on Wednesday that the government department has set up an expert group to explore the provision of universal chargers for all portable devices, which is expected to be within two months. Submit a detailed report.

Portable devices mentioned in India mainly include mobile phones, tablets, smart wearables and computers, etc. They will also discuss with various industries before making a final decision.

India is obviously inspired by the mandatory unified charging in Europe, but India is also a bit special, they considered two interfaces, USBC interface is only one of them.

What is another interface? Many Indian media did not mention it, and guessed that it should be the Micro-USB interface, which is the interface that Android phones have used a lot in the past few years. India also regards this interface as a potential alternative. It is also well understood - the USB-C interface is relatively new , but India's local electronic products are far behind China, the United States and Europe. Micro-USB still has a large number of applications, and it is impossible to directly eliminate it in the next few years.


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