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    • JYFT PV/Solar Cable,2.5/4/6(mm²)

    Product Features:

    ● Solar photovoltaic equipment halogen-free cable is based on the photovoltaic power generation equipment.

    ● It is a unique design mainly applicable to DC voltage terminal,power generation equipment leads to connections and components between the convergence of connectivity,the maximum voltage DC 1.8KV of photovoltaic power generation system.


    ConductorCable Spec.2.5/4.0/6.0mm²
    MaterialStandard tinned copper
    InsulationMaterialElectron beam cross-linked
    Physical-Mechanical FeaturesMax. Conductor Temperature
    a) Continuous +120
    b) At short Circuit +120
    Min. Operating Temperature
    a) Free Installation -25
    b) Fixed Installation -40
    Min. Bending RadiusOD 4*Cable
    Electrical FeaturesVoltage Rating Uo/U1800/3000V AC2600V DC
    Test Valtage for 5 Minutes6000V
    Max. Current Carrying Capacity(Free in Air)36A-116A Depend on dimension

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