• A-349640 Double color High speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet

    Product Features Of A-349640 Double color High speed HDMI Cable:

    ● 1.Rated temperature:80℃

    ● 2.Rated voltage:30V

    ● 3.Reference standard:Hight-definition Mulitimedia interface specification version 1.4

    ● 4.Stranded tinned copper conductor,32-22AWG

    ● 5.Color-coded foam PE or PE insulation

    ● 6.Over 85% coverage tinned copper or copper alloy braid shield

    ● 7.Leed free PVC jacket

    ● 8.Passes UL VW-1 CSA FT1 vertical flame test

    ● 9.HDMI ethernet channel

    ● 10.Audio return channel

    ● 11.3D over HDMI

    ● 12.4K x 2K resolution support

    ● 13.Expanded support for color spaces

    ● 14.Micro HDMI connector

    ● 15.Automotive connection system

    Electrical characteristic Of A-349640 Double color High speed HDMI Cable:

    ● 1.Differential impedance (20℃):100±10Ω

    ● 2.Differential delay ≤ 4.5ns/m

    ● 3.Propagation delay skew: Within a pair: ≤ 111ps/m Between pairs: ≤ 1.78ns/m

    ● 4.Far and cross-talk: ≤-20dB,1-5100MHz

    Attenuation(NA) Of A-349640 Double color High speed HDMI Cable:



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