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iPhone 15 really uses USB-C

Date: 2022/22/11

iPhone 15 really uses USB-C

There have been a lot of news that Apple is going to enable the USB-C interface on the iPhone 15, and it should be relatively stable now.

According to the latest news from Apple's upstream suppliers, the iPhone 15 will use the USB-C interface, and many suppliers who made MFi-certified Lightning data cables have already closed down.

The news also mentioned that 80% of the suppliers of MFi-certified Lightning data cables will close down, and some will either transform or follow Apple to make new data cables.

Summarizing the current situation, the USB-C interface used by the iPhone 15 Pro series will not have any shrinkage and restrictions on data transmission, while the regular version of the iPhone 15 series has limited data transmission, which may be at most the level of USB 2.0.

Some people in the industry said that even if all iPhone 15 series use the USB-C interface, don’t be too happy too early. Under the closed system of iOS, Apple will have more ways to make money, and the annual cost of 5 billion is to be filled of.

In addition, a senior person engaged in investment banking business said that if the charging interface standard of domestic electronic equipment is unified, the speed of market penetration of a single charging interface will be accelerated, which will reduce the production cost of connector and cable manufacturers, and may trigger the market demand for a single charging interface. The rapid increase of the connector cable manufacturers will therefore usher in the golden period of shipments, which will benefit the connector cable manufacturers; at the same time, due to the unified charging interface standard, the domestic consumer electronics industry will achieve a wider scale development.


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