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The wave of USB-C standardization may hit India next

Date: 2022/29/11

The wave of USB-C standardization may hit India next

The European Council has approved the EU Universal Charger Initiative. The initiative requires all commercial electronics to be equipped with USB-C ports by the fall of 2024. While laptops won't be able to adopt the measures until spring 2026, smartphone makers must meet a 2024 deadline. That's not the only win that future-proofed minds are keeping an eye on, as India is also working on its own USB-C universal charger plan following an interministerial task force meeting between government officials, tech companies and several trade associations.

Companies involved in the talks include Apple, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and HP, according to the Economic Times. Officials from some of the country's business administrations were also present.

With a population of over 1.4 billion, India is one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the world. Apple may already be including USB-C on MacBooks and some iPads, which seems to increase the urgency to bring the iPhone up to the standard. The publication cites another industry executive as saying that Apple "has no objection" to the decision to move in the country to fully transition to USB-C. However, the iPhone maker has yet to officially respond to the matter.

Micro-USB persists on the lowest-end phones, and Android smartphone makers have taken notice. The same goes for companies that make wireless accessories like earbuds and charging docks.

While there is no word yet on when charging ports will be standardized in India, the Times quoted an anonymous industry executive as saying it could happen after the European Union implements its universal charger rules in 2024.

India appears to be taking inspiration from Europe for a common charging solution, which could open the floodgates for other countries to join. Apple has promised that future iPhones will have USB-C ports.


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