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The future iPhone 15 may adopt a non-porous design and there will be no charging port

Date: 2022/10/12

The future iPhone 15 may adopt a non-porous design and there will be no charging port

Recently, analysts said on social media that a "non-porous design" is likely to be used on the iPhone 15. The so-called non-porous refers to canceling all the physical buttons on the iPhone and turning them into touch buttons. In order to make it have a more realistic feel, it will also add corresponding vibration feedback, which is similar to the touch Home button of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

This news did not cause much waves for users, but it made the domestic technology media boil. After all, in the eyes of the media, every "big change" made by Apple is a major event that can change the mobile phone industry.

However, if it is true that the iPhone 15 really uses touch volume and lock screen keys, as the news broke, it also means that the physical mute switch that has been retained since the first generation will also disappear, or exist in another form.It's a pity, but I personally like this feature very much.

With this incident, I would like to talk to you about Apple's "non-porous" idea. Apple canceled the headphone jack in the early days and replaced it with AirPods, including the subsequent sales of AirPods and the enhanced waterproof performance of mobile phones, etc., which can be said to be a very successful case of "removing the hole". We wont talk much about functions such as touch volume keys, which are already mature technologies. Today, we will mainly talk about the charging port. On the iPhone 12 series, Apple brought something new and old: Magsafe magnetic charging, by adding a circle of magnets to wireless charging, changed the new wireless charging method of iPhone products and became a backup option for mobile phone charging. While MagSafe has advantages, it also has disadvantages. The way of wireless magnetic attraction can make the card position of the mobile phone more accurate during wireless charging, avoiding the problem that the charging coil cannot be aligned and affects the charging efficiency.

In addition, the use of magnetic attraction can make wireless charging have the experience of wired charging.

But in fact, it can solve the problem that consumers can use it in their hands during wireless charging, and it can also avoid dragging the phone due to touching the charging line.


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