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No room for negotiation! EU unified interface: iPhone must change to USB-C

Date: 2022/14/12

No room for negotiation! EU unified interface: iPhone must change to USB-C

For Apple, the deadline for the iPhone to use USB-C is getting closer.

The new regulations given by the European Union show that from 2024, all kinds of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras sold in the European Union must use the Type-C charging interface uniformly. Consumers can also choose whether to Purchase a charger separately.

Specifically, the time is:

1. Before December 28, 2024, the last execution time of smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headsets and handheld video game consoles;

2. Before April 28, 2026, products such as laptops must be finalized.

It's important to note that these regulations only apply to devices that offer wired charging, meaning those that only offer wireless charging won't be forced to use USB-C.

For such an event-driven, Apple said that it will follow the policy of the place where it is sold. In other words, it will provide USB-C ports for iPhones and other devices sold in the EU in accordance with the specified time.

In fact, before this, Apple responded that strict regulation of only one type of connector would stifle innovation instead of encouraging innovation, which in turn would harm consumers in Europe and around the world, but now that the regulations have landed, so this roast about it would seem pointless.

Supply chain sources also revealed that starting from the iPhone 15, Apple will switch to the USB-C interface. Although it may lose billions of dollars every year, Apple is also actively responding, and it may continue to do MFi certification.


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