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Why are Apple and Meta focusing on this industry in China?

Date: 2023/02/03

Why are Apple and Meta focusing on this industry in China?

Apple and Meta are waiting for Chinese solutions in the development of AR glasses.

Huxiu learned from an investor in the industry that the two technology giants are looking for Micro LED micro-display devices in China, and have placed several orders with many companies for the proof-of-concept (POC) of AR glasses. The size of an order is around 50 sets -100 sets.

When it comes to Micro LED, most people may have the impression that it is "expensive". In June last year, Samsung launched the 110-inch Micro LED TV "The Wall" in China. Its price of 1.05 million yuan once caused heated discussions in the industry.

From the perspective of price alone, Micro LED seems destined to miss the consumer electronics market, but the emergence of Micro LED microdisplays has ushered in a turning point.

The so-called microdisplay usually refers to a display whose diagonal size is less than 1 inch. Like a conventional display, the image generated by it is used as the source of the image of the optical system.

"Make dojos in snail shells."

An industry insider who has been in the display industry for many years described microdisplay technology like this.

In the limited internal space of AR glasses, the volume of the microdisplay usually cannot exceed 1 cubic centimeter, and after the light is transmitted through the waveguide, the eye-catching brightness still needs to reach thousands of nits. At present, only Micro LED can meet these conditions at the same time. display technology.

For the AR glasses industry, the introduction of Micro LED technology seems to be the key to its scale.

In this regard, the current starting point of global enterprises is basically the same, and Chinese enterprises have a tendency to occupy a dominant position.

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