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High-end DUV lithography machines supporting 7nm can be exported: ASML will sell 16.2 billion yuan in China this year

Date: 2023/17/03

High-end DUV lithography machines supporting 7nm can be exported: ASML will sell 16.2 billion yuan in China this year


This week, ASML pointed out in its latest statement that these new export control measures focus on advanced chip manufacturing technologies, including state-of-the-art deposition equipment and immersion lithography systems.

ASML emphasized that the new export control measures do not target all immersion lithography systems, but only the so-called "most advanced" immersion lithography systems. As of now, the company has not received information on the exact definition of "state-of-the-art", which the company interprets as the "critical immersion lithography system" defined at the Capital Markets Day meeting, namely TWINSCANNXT: 2000i and subsequent immersion lithography systems Photolithography system.

The so-called immersion lithography machine belongs to 193nm (light source) lithography machine (divided into dry type and immersion type), which can be used for the manufacture of advanced process chips from 16nm to 7nm, but it is also widely used in the industry at 45nm and below. in the mature process.

ASML’s official website information shows that the company’s mainstream DUV lithography products have three types of equipment: TWINSCAN NXT: 1980Di, TWINSCAN NXT: 2000i and TWINSCAN NXT: 2050i, of which 2000i and 2050i are the products referred to in the company’s statement.

In the introduction of this TWINSCAN NXT:1980Di on the ASML official website, in terms of resolution, it is written that it is greater than or equal to 38nm (can support up to about 7nm), and this refers to the resolution of one exposure. In fact, the lithography machine is Multiple exposures are possible.

In theory, NXT:1980Di can still reach 7nm, but the steps are more complicated, the cost is higher, and the yield rate may also be lost. Most of the lithography machines used by fabs produce chips with 14nm and above processes. Reduce the production of processes below 14nm, because the yield rate is low, the cost is high, and there is no competitiveness.

ASML pointed out that relatively low-advanced immersion lithography systems have been able to meet the needs of mature process-based customers well, and said that the company's A long-term outlook is based on global long-term needs and technology trends, rather than on specific regions. expectations. Since 2019, ASML's EUV lithography system has been limited.

ASML expects sales in China to remain at around 2.2 billion euros (approximately over 16.2 billion yuan) in 2023, and it is accelerating its expansion of business and sales in China.

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