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The cheapest 120W ultra-fast flash charge + large battery! iQOO Z7 photo tour

Date: 2023/27/03

The cheapest 120W ultra-fast flash charge + large battery! iQOO Z7 photo tour

On March 20th, iQOO Z7 was officially released, starting at 1,599 yuan for the first time. It is said to be the lowest starting price of 120W ultra-fast flash charging large battery combination.

Now this new phone has come to our evaluation room, here is a photo tour for you.

iQOO Z7 supports integrated fast charging protocol, which can fast charge across brands; standard 120W ultra-fast flash charging mini charger, in ultra-fast mode, can charge from 1% to 32% in as fast as 5 minutes, and charge from 1% to 32% in as fast as 26 minutes 100%.

The built-in equivalent 5000mAh ultra-large battery has passed all-round 7 battery safety tests, 1460 deep charge and discharge cycles, and can be used for 4 years with peace of mind. iQOO Z7 also supports up to 7.5W reverse charging, which can be used to charge other mobile phones, TWS earphone charging boxes, etc. that are running out of power.

iQOO Z7 is equipped with a 6.64-inch microporous LCD screen, supports 120Hz seven-speed variable speed high-brush, 100% movie-level P3 color gamut, and the wide color gamut brings a fuller and brighter color display effect.

In terms of performance, iQOO Z7 is equipped with Snapdragon 782G, supports memory fusion 3.0, 3K large-area VC heat dissipation, and the core temperature drops by 15°C.

In terms of images that everyone is concerned about, iQOO Z7 uses a 6400W pixel OIS outsole main camera, anti-handshake to improve the film rate, better low-brightness shooting effects, and supports motion capture.


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